NiaMedic Healthcare & Research

NiaMedic Healthcare & Research Services Ltd. is a data and healthcare company offering innovative, multi-disciplinary, medical consultation and research services.

NiaMedic provides advanced integration of proprietary Medical Cannabis treatments with conventional medical care.

NiaMedic’s treatment protocols are developed by a team of experts that utilizes its comprehensive research platform in collaboration with a network of leading renowned researchers.

NiaMedic is at the forefront of the highly sought-after Medical Cannabis industry and is looking to partner with leading physicians and clinics to provide safer, more effective personalized quality patient care.

We have created unique Medical Cannabis treatment procedures based on clinical experience and research. For more than a decade, our team has specialized customizing a step by step Medical Cannabis treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.

Our specialized team of medical professionals will offer comprehensive care and support during the integration of Medical Cannabis into the patient's overall healthcare plan.

Core Management Team

Inbal Sikorin

Chief Nursing Officer

Dr. Addie Ron, MD

Medical Director

Prof. Victor Novack MD, PhD

 Scientific Director

Nir Dror



Alon Blatt


Director of Business



Ori Botanski