Consultation - Product R&D 

NiaMedic is a data, healthcare, and research services company operating innovative clinics providing superior conventional medicine integrated with proprietary Medicinal Cannabis treatments. NiaMedic also provides clinical research (CRO & site management), education & consultation services in the cannabis industry. As one of the world’s first companies to serve as a “bridge” between the cannabis industry and the medical world, NiaMedic has developed unique and valuable database, pioneering treatment protocols, and a research platform, greatly sought after around the world.

While the development of new health and pharmaceutical products is a lengthy, time and resource consuming process, NiaMedic, with its strong foundation of data, know-how, clinical studies, and engagement with the end users (patients), is able to provide extremely valuable insight on the development of products – market needs, products formulations, efficiency, cannabis genetics and relevant medical indications - saving substantial time, resources, and energy in the R&D process.

The cannabis plant comes in a wide variety of strains (or cultivars, to be more precise) each with their own chemical composition. The variance in these compositions comes from each cultivars unique blend of cannabinoids (including hundreds more than THC and CBD), terpenes and flavonoids — the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the cannabis plant.

Up until fairly recently, most of our understanding of how these chemical compounds work therapeutically has come from anecdotal evidence in preclinical level studies. With legalization underway, the doors are opening up to further R&D to produce cannabis products that more effectively meet the needs of patients.

NiaMedic consults companies during the R&D process - for more information, please contact us.