The cannabis plant has been in use for thousands of years. In recent years, cannabis seems to be everywhere one looks. The media hype of cannabis is huge and is growing at an historic rate. Everyone has heard and read about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.


Paradoxically, however, despite the tremendous exposure, there is a lack of qualitative knowledge and research. The lack of this qualitative information leads patients to seek knowledge available from non-professional or unreliable sources of information. This leads to misconceptions and incorrect self-treatment. In addition, physicians avoid medical cannabis because of a lack of knowledge and expertise.

NiaMedic is a unique company, one of the world's leading companies, in therapeutic clinical knowledge relevant to medical cannabis and the integration of medical cannabis as part of the overall treatment healthcare plan.

Over the last decade, NiaMedic has identified the large gap in knowledge, both in terms of patients and medical staff. Our goal is to enrich knowledge and training suited to each patient seeking treatment. We have developed education and training curriculum programs providing lectures, seminars, and courses. The training is for patients and medical teams in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, care homes, geriatric institutions, retirement communities, et al.

NiaMedic also develops training programs tailored to those who desire it.

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