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High-Quality Data, Innovative Research

About Us



NiaMedic is a medical data and research company focusing on cannabis and psychedelics using its innovative medical & research protocols, data collection & analysis process. Our professional and experienced team has developed a unique and valuable database, pioneering treatment protocols and a research platform, greatly sought after globally.

Medical Consultation


Using its innovative medical & research protocols, data collection & analysis process, we generate high quality clinical data of medical cannabis and provides 3 type of services:
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Clinical Research

For cannabis, pharma and ancillary companies


For cannabis, pharma and ancillary companies

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For medical professionals/dispensary personal 


For medical


Our Services



Medical Providers

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Dispensary Personnel / Industry 

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Nursing Homes

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Our Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between cannabis and science, bring accuracy and predictability to the cannabis space, offer medical education on cannabis and psychedelics

Why Us?

  • We tailor the research upon our clients needs

  • We develop the protocol, recruit, manage & execute of the research, statistical analysis, manuscript publication and presentation 


  • We offer our In depth, unparalleled, clinical data, clinical experience & knowhow- in a large variety of medical fields & indications 


  • Accurate medical protocols based on our data analysis treating variety of symptoms

  • State of the art formulation development with up to 15 different cannabinoids/terpenes


Who are we?

Scientific Team icon v2.png

Scientific Team

Scientific Team.png

Prof. Victor Novack

Dr. Addie Ron, MD

Inbal Sikorin

Prop Novak is one of the profound leaders of the medical cannabis research community in Israel, and has been working with Prof. Rephael Mechoulam (the "godfather" of cannabis) on various projects.

He is the founding director of Soroka-BGU Medical Research Institute and Head of  the Research Authority at Soroka University Medical Center, the second largest hospital in Israel. Prior to joining NiaMedic, Prof. Novack served as a Medical Director at  Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Boston USA. His epidemiology training allows for the bridging a gap between the clinical questions and statistical apparatus.  He has designed and contributed to the design of more than 50 feasibility and  pivotal trials for FDA approval.  

He has more than 250 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals.  His scientific interest lays at the application of the evolving statistical and  epidemiological methodology to the clinically driven research questions.

Dr. Ron was the first gerontologist in Israel that conduced cannabis research in the past 8 years.

He is an Israeli physician certified in geriatrics and family medicine with much experience in medical management. Prior to joining NiaMedic, Dr. Ron  served as a District Medical Director at Maccabi Health Services and later on as a  District Geriatric Medical Director, in charge of more than 40,000 elderly  patients

Scientific Director

Medical Director

Chief Nursing Officer (Co-Founder)

Inbal Sikorin is the Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer of NiaMedic. Prior to co-founding NiaMedic, Inbal was the Head Nurse of "Hadarim" nursing home at Kibbutz Na'an. There, Inbal foundeda groundbreaking Medical Cannabis program for the elderly. In 2010 Inbal collaborated with Tikun Olam and established its nurse’s clinic. For almost a decade, Inbal has been a world renown pioneer and expert in the Medical Cannabis field, treating and counseling thousands of patients over the years, with a special focus on exceptionl treatment methods, developing treatment protocols and data analyses.  

Core Management icon.png

Core Management

Core management 1.png

Nir Dror

Nir Dror is the Co-Founder and CEO of NiaMedic. Nir is a serial entrepreneur with experience in management, business consulting, business strategy and business development. Nir is also a Director at the Steering Committee and Startups  Mentor in Heseg Innovation Program – Heseg Foundation’s startup acceleration 

CEO (Co-Founder)

Core management 2 v2.png

Dan Braunstein

Dan Braunstein is the Head of Business Development & Operations at NiaMedic and his main focus is to help cannabis companies, products, brands, and other entities leverage NiaMedic’s cannabis data and research. Prior to NiaMedic, Dan was the Founder and Head of Business Development of Grassfed, a leading production company which specializes in cannabis themed events. He comes from a business, finance, and operations background, with a specialty in medical and recreational cannabis. 

Head of Business Development & Operations


Pain Reduction

Improvement in Condition

Stopped using Opioids

No Psychoactive Side Effects

Improvement in Appetite



NiaMedic Helps Seniors Get The Relief They Want From Cannabis

Aug 13, 2019 - Abbie Rosner - "Forbes"

For older adults suffering from pain, anxiety and other chronic conditions, cannabis can be a game-changer. But finding the right product and dosage can be a daunting process without reliable guidance...


A New Observational Study Focusing On Cannabis For PTSD Treatment Has Been Approved

The Battle Brothers Foundation has received approval to launch an observational study on the use of medical cannabis to help combat PTSD in veterans. In concert with NiaMedic, an Israeli-American medical data and research company, the study will determine if cannabis treatment will be beneficial in reducing symptoms in patients with treatment-resistant PTSD.

Culture- Article for wesite.webp

"Israeli Company Opens California Cannabis Clinic"

August 2, 2018 - John McClain - "Culture" 

"Israel has been considered as one of the most prominent locations for cannabis research..."


"Israeli marijuana researchers to open first U.S. clinic in Laguna Woods"

August 13, 2018 - Brooke Staggs -

"The Orange County Register"

"Now, a company formed by doctors and nurses involved in some of Israel’s pioneering cannabis research is working to open its first American clinic in Laguna Woods."

herb- article for website.webp

"Orange County, California gets the First Israeli Cannabis Clinic for Seniors"

Jul 21, 2018 - Rob Hoffman - "Herb"

"An Israeli company is planning to open a clinic in California to provide seniors interested in cannabis with significantly more support than the current dispensary model."

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