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Thank you - your application was successfully summited 

Thank you for your application - we appreciate your time and effort in filling out the application. 

Due to large number of application, it will take the research team up to 3 weeks to contact you.

The research team will only contact potential participants that meet study's criteria. 

Please see below, frequently asked questions - Please review. 

Frequently Asked  Questions (FAQS)

  1. Who is conducting the study? The study is being conducted by UC Irvine, a national academic center of excellence, under the supervision of Dr. Marcela Dominguez. The clinical research organization is NiaMedic USA. 

  2. How long does this study last? On average, this study  lasts 14-16 weeks. 

  3. How many times will I need to see Dr. Dominguez in her medical office for an exam? There are 2 in-office medical exams, at the beginning of your enrollment to the study and at the very end of your enrollment. The remaining interactions are done over the phone with UCI’s medical staff.

  4. Will this cannabis pill make me feel high? Cannabis in low dosages should make you feel high (since the THC dosage is relatively low). However, if participants feel high, the medical team supervising the study will address this matter during the study. In addition, although the THC concentration is considered low, some patients might notice a dose-dependent high feeling as well as red eyes, dry mouth, and mild dizziness . Adjusting your dose or taking a bigger dose at night can help reduce these symptoms. 

  5. What can I safely take to help reduce eye redness or dry mouth? You can use plain over the counter saline eye drops as directed on the box, and you can drink more water for dry mouth.

  6. Can I continue taking my other meds during the study period? You can continue taking your medications as before. If your pain goes down, you can discuss with your regular doctor how to lower any pain medications you are currently taking. 

  7. Is it safe to consume cannabis? As studies and literature indicates, when properly consuming cannabis, cannabis is very safe. There are very little known fatal cases from cannabis overdose. 

  8. Where can I find the Cannaceutica product? Currently only at Kannabis Works dispensary are offering it. 

  9. Will I need to pay for the cannabis product? Yes. In order to participate in the study, you will have to purchase a Cannaceutica product. Cost is $5 plus tax, per bottle. 

  10. Do I get compensated for my participation in the study? No, unfortunately for this type of study there is no financial compensation for participants.

  11. What if I want to continue taking cannabis after the study ends, to continue reducing my pain? You may continue taking this specific cannabis by purchasing it from Kannabisworks at its regular retail price.

  12. Can I withdraw from the study if it doesn’t work for me? Yes, you can withdraw at any stage of the study.

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